Category: Structures

Issue 3_ Design Making: The Values Had, The Object Made, The Values Had | Practice – Making – Praxis

September 18th, 2018

Call For Papers

As the 21st Century moves into its third decade, technological and societal changes re-propose the act of making, the actualization of design agency and desire, in wholly different contexts. Digital craft, legitimized both physically and a-physically as work “practiced to achieve consistent outcomes,” (Diderot, 1969), redefines the movement from desire to reality as continuous, defuse in character, and decentralized in assignation of value. In this space, the designer is simultaneously more and less agent than ever before: he or she is able to capably make, craft, or manufacture without extravagant privileges of capitalization, but also positioned in questionable relevance as his or her extravagant privileges of taste and access are jeopardized by consumer model 3D printers and free digital modeling software (“Model 1 3D Printer,” 2018). The “continuous, visual [production] of singular form,” (McCullough, 1998), a competency once central to design’s relationship with the physical, is borrowed by other disciplines, while new competencies essentialise themselves… Read more

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